Limousine Insurance that will protect you

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Limousine Insurance that will protect you, your drivers and your business

Types of limo insurance you may need

First, your limousine customers expect reliable service from you, whether you are taking them from the airport or transporting them around town. In addition, just like how you have insurance on your personal car, the vehicles you have for work must be insured as well.

Furthermore, when you have a problem with your limo, you need it fixed quickly. Also, you need good limo insurance if a serious accident leaves you or your drivers exposed to a large liability claim.

Clearly, as your independent insurance agent we will find you the best insurance policy at an affordable cost. Also, we will work with you to find a commercial auto insurance policy that matches your needs. Also, because your business involves transportation of people, you will need limousine insurance that protects passengers.

Limo Insurance Extras

Personal injury limousine insurance:

 Next, this will cover the cost of accidents where injuries occur involving your limousine. Also, it can include but is not limited to medical bills, lost wages and funeral costs.

Collision and comprehensive coverage for limo Insurance: 

Clearly, it is a straight-forward limo coverage that will cover the cost if there is an accident. Also, comprehensive coverage will cover the cost of theft, fire, vandalism and many other damages.

Limousine Insurance for Uninsured and underinsured coverage:

 For example, this coverage is for you if the other driver is at fault but doesn’t have sufficient coverage. Furthermore, this type of coverage is required in many states. Your agent will make you aware if it is required.

Employment practices liability for transportation companies : 

If your company is being accused of sexual harassment, wrongful termination or discrimination, this insurance will protect your business.

Property damage liability: Property damage liability covers property damage you cause while on the job. This will go towards legal fees up to the limits of your policy if you are taken to court.



Ways to save on your limo insurance

  • Hire experienced and qualified drivers with excellent driving records
  • Maintain a good credit score
  • Require all drivers to take a safety driving course
  • Find discounts that you qualify for such as claims-free discounts

Professional Insurance Strategies will make sure your, your drivers and your business is properly covered. Request a quote today and we will find you the best policy at an affordable rate.

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