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Contractor's Insurance

Depending on where you work, contractors insurance can be required by law.  Also, there can be minimum insurance coverage for contracting businesses. For instance, regulations for contractor’s insurance will vary by state and even by city. Our team here at Professional Insurance Strategies will find out your local guidelines and exact requirements

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Contractor's Insurance Arizona

What does general liability insurance cover for contractors?

First of all, contractors liability insurance offers your business protection and peace of mind.

Next, insurance for general contractors may only include general liability but insurance for roofing contractors will be more complex.

Meanwhile, your policy is very important to look over to determine what is covered and what isn’t covered.  For instance, we work with Contractors Bonding Insurance Company and they may cover a plumber different than Geico insurance.  Also, it is important to look at the declarations page to know what exclusions are on a insurance quote.   As an example, insurance for electrical contractors may exclude activities that general liability for others does not. First and foremost, when you are looking for contractors coverage near you look for an educated agent.

How Much Does Contractor’s Insurance Cost

Next, the most common contractor liability insurance is general liability insurance and professional liability insurance.  Also, we offer general liability insurance that covers many different types of situations. Meanwhile, it is important to note, contractors general liability insurance coverage covers bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage.  

Also, professional liability insurance is very important coverage. More importantly, we will cover your company if you are accused of poor workmanship. Moreover, this is whether that is true or not. Also, professional liability insurance claims for contractors are often much smaller than general liability claims. Again, this is why the professional liability coverage that we include in our contractors equipment insurance comes with lower limits.

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