Restaurant Insurance in Arizona

Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant insurance covers a combination of assets including your customers, employees, property and inventory. Every restaurant has different risks so our agents will tailor your protection to your unique business needs.

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Restaurant Insurance throughout Arizona.

Restaurant insurance covers property, spoilage, general liability, liquor liability, workers compensation, garagekeepers, and equipment breakdown.

Below we have explained the cover a little bit more.

Property: This covers your restaurant’s physical assets from the building to the furnishings. It usually includes coverage of fire, natural disasters and theft but our agent will go over that with you.

Spoilage: This covers any inventory that spoils in a power outage.

General liability: This covers the cost if someone was to get hurt in your restaurant.

Liquor Liability: If you sell alcohol, this covers in the event that someone becomes intoxicated at your restaurant and hurts himself or someone else.

Workers Compensation: If an employee is injured on the job this will cover your employees medical treatment and lost wages.

Garagekeepers: If you have a valet service, this covers damage to any customers’ cars that may occur.

Equipment breakdown: Equipment breakdown insurance covers any damage, repairs or even rental equipment in case any equipment breaks down.

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