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First of all, we are specialists in NEMT Insurance. 

Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act more business opportunities have emerged for providers of ancillary services such as patient transportation.  Likewise, in states with higher populations of retirees, demand for patient transportation services has increased.

For instance, inquiries for non-emergency medical transportation insurance for Arizona, Nevada and California are at an all-time high. Also, companies are investing in updated vehicle fleets and they are also incorporating features such as mobile apps.

Of course, getting patients safely from medical facilities to their residences and vice versa is an important benefit health management organizations have supported.    Additionally, by providing non-emergency transportation, patients are encouraged to keep their medical appointments.  Clearly, this is part of an overall strategy to keep the population healthy.

How Much Does NEMT Insurance Cost?

For instance, coverage of transportation fees will vary according to the insurance plan. For example, non-emergency ambulance transportation will be fully covered by Medicare for patients who are being treated for end-stage renal disease.   Furthermore, Medicare will cover non-urgent transportation when physicians take the time to write the need  as part of the treatment plan.

Furthermore, patients who are on the Part B Medicare program may have to pay 20 percent out of pocket for transportation; these are typically patients who require occasional services. Additionally, other patients who obtain insurance from the state or federal insurance marketplaces, similar conditions will apply.
In addition, having adequate non-emergency medical transportation insurance for Arizona, Nevada and California is vital for entrepreneurs.  Also, many businesses find it easier to find non-emergency medical transportation insurance online.   Further, NEMT insurance quotes can easily be done online or over the phone. 

 Indeed, the liabilities are considerably higher when compared to other transportation services such as those provided by limousine operators. In addition, Non-emergency medical transportation insurance for Arizona, Nevada and California is not as costly as some people may think.  Furthermore, a key element to scoring lower premiums is to follow the advice of insurance agents with regard to installing special equipment to keep patients safe.  Learn more about us

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