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limousine insurance colorado

Do you own a limousine company in Colorado? First, ou use your limos to drive teenagers to the prom, members of wedding parties to receptions and more. Next, it is necessary to get insurance for the type of driving you do. Likewise, check out the details on the various types of limousine insurance Colorado suitable for this type of company.

Factors that affect the amount and type of limo insurance you purchase

First, the type of limousine insurance Colorado you purchase along with the amount depends on the size of your company. For instance, if you have a limousine company with several drivers and several limos, you will need more insurance and specific types such as employment practices liability insurance.  Also, you can find specific Colorado regulations from the Colorado PUC
Alternatively, if you own a limousine company and you are the only driver, then you would not need insurance for employees. So, you would not have to purchase as much as much insurance as larger companies. Of course, you could always adjust your plan as your business grows.

Personal Injury livery Insurance

Next, if your limousine is involved in an accident, this type of livery insurance covers expenses related to injuries. Also, this coverage includes medical bills, lost salary, rehab and even the costs of a funeral. Next, this type of limo insurance can also cover accidents involving pedestrians regardless of who made the mistake.

Employment Practices Liability limousine Insurance

Also, this type of limousine insurance protects your company if an employee makes a damaging accusation. For example, this limousine insurance Colorado would come into play if you were accused of sexual harassment or wrongful termination.

Bodily Injury Insurance

First, this limo insurance serves your company by insuring your drivers in case one of them is at fault for an accident. Also, this type of insurance covers fees for attorneys in the event of a lawsuit against your company. Plus, it covers medical bills and rehabilitation expenses. Also, not every state requires this type of insurance, but it is useful to have in the event of an accident where your driver is found to be at fault.

Property Damage Liability

First, this type of limousine insurance covers property damage that occurs on the job. Also, this would be damage caused by you or one of your drivers. next, coverage includes attorney and other legal fees if your company is taken to court by the person whose property was damaged.
For instance, one of the best ways to find out exactly what type of limousine insurance you need is to check with an experienced agent who provides commercial auto insurance.

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