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More Business Insurance

When it comes to running a small business, getting the right help from the right people can go a long way. Besides, you’ve got other things to worry about besides insurance coverages and costs. That’s why you can’t beat having the right insurance person in your corner to handle getting you the coverage you need for your small business without breaking the bank.

Here at Professional Insurance Strategies, we are local independent agents.  We understand our local businesses and the needs they have.  Does an agent in New York know that construction defect claims are prevalent in Arizona?   Does a 1-800 number know that spoilage and equipment breakdown are very important to a restaurant owner? 

Everything you need to know about Commercial Insurance

We love to meet with our customers face-to-face to walk through your small business’s needs, but we aren’t just tied to one specific company, which gives you way more options for coverage. We will  help save you a bunch of money since we can shop around for the right deal — at no sacrifice in your coverage. We look forward to getting to know you and working with you.

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Your auto repair shop needs business insurance to protect your assets from risks associated with repairing other people’s vehicles. Our trusted agents will match you with the best insurance possible in your area at a great rate.

Contractor insurance comes in all different forms. We can help put together a specialized policy that allows you to easily customize your business needs and ensure that you are protected.

Depending on your business – manufacturing insurance varies so we will tailor an insurance policy specifically for you.

Restaurants are exposed to a wide range of risks that make your business venerable to lawsuits and liabilities. Our team can help you find dependable coverage that will focus on what matters most to you.

Commercial Truck Insurance

Trucking insurance covers more than your typical auto insurance does. If you have commercial trucks for your business, you may want to consider this.

Specialize in ambulance services, armored car services, bus lines–city service, bus lines–interstate and charter, ferries, freight forwarder and freight agencies, furniture movers, garbage collection and truckers.

Tow Trucking Insurance

The towing and recovery industry and the auto transporter industry are unique, their insurance needs are too. When it comes to cargo or on hook insurance coverage, towing and recovery and auto transporter insurance, standard solutions just won’t do. When you call us for service, know that we understand the industry.

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance helps protect you, your unit and your personal property. We are here to help make sure you and your belongings are fully coverage as an affordable cost.

Winery Insurance

Unlike a typical farm or factory, your winery may have guests, visitors, special events, sterile tanks and vats, vulnerable liquid inventories, and much more. Our team will ensure that you have the proper insurance protection for your winery. 

Fitness Center Insurance

There is insurance designed specifically for health and fitness clubs. We know each club is different so our knowledgeable agents will help provide you with specialized coverage just for your organization.

Fleet Insurance

This will be liability insurance for all your company’s vehicles in one policy. Our agents will make this process easy and convenient for your company.  

Child Care Center Insurance

From daycare to after school programs, Professional Insurance Strategies are here to help insure you. We will help you safely protect your business with the right types of daycare liability and property insurance at an affordable price.

Golf Course Insurance

Whether you operate a golf course, private country club, driving range or miniature golf course, we have the insurance for you to protect your business. Our trusted agents will make sure they provide the best coverage at a great rate.

International Business Insurance

Conducting business outside comes with its own liability. We can sit down and discuss what your specific needs are for your business.

Church Insurance

All church insurance policies include general liability coverage. It provides liability protection for your church members, officials, staff, volunteers, and employees. It also offers protection if third parties are injured while performing duties for the church.

Marijuana Insurance

The cannabis insurance can be confusing on what type of insurance you need. Here at Professional Insurance Strategies we will sort out all the risks for you and make sure your business is protected as it grows.

Medical Office Insurance

Medical offices carry plenty of risks so our medical office insurance will help to mitigate that risk and find the best plan for you.

Non-profit Insurance

Non-profit organizations still need to protect themselves against the risks that business owners face. We will help you design an insurance policy that is unique for your organization’s needs.

Professional Services Insurance

This insurance helps protect accountants, lawyers, and physicians against negligence and other claims initiated by their clients. Our agents will work with you to find the perfect coverage for your needs.

Property Manager Insurance

Being a property manager can come with a lot of risk. That is why we can tailor different policies to ensure that your assets are fully covered.

Real Estate Investor Insurance

Real estate investment is exciting but risking at the same time. We will help manage your ricks and keep your properties protected.

Retail Store Insurance

We have customized retail store insurance to help you protect your business. Our trusted agents will work with you to find the best rates at an affordable cost.

School Insurance

Schools are often second home for the families they serve. Protecting your community is important and that is why Professional Insurance Strategies will ensure all your unique needs are taken care of with your insurance policy.

Technology Firm Insurance

As a technology firm you face a different type of risk. Our agents will help find the perfect insurance for you to prevent your risks.

Dealership Insurance

Automobile dealerships use an auto dealer’s coverage to insure both automobile and general liability exposures. Other types of automobile sales and service entities will use the general liability coverage for the operations coverage and auto-related exposures including damage to customer’s vehicles. Our agents can educate you on what type of insurance is best fit for your dealership.

Wholesaler and Distributor Insurance

This type of business has higher risk because of the amount of stock kept onsite. This specialized insurance will protect you from unique financial risks associated with your business.

Farm Insurance

Your farm is an extremely important asset to your family. This coverage is meant to protect both you personally and commercially including coverage for your machinery and livestock. Our trusted agents can make sure you are insured fully.

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