Insuring Off-Road Vehicles

Off-Roading Vehicle Insurance in Arizona

Insuring UTV Vehicles

Whether you have a 4-wheeler, ATV, dirt bike, dune buggy or golf cart here are some tips for insuring your off-road vehicles.

Purchase separate off-road vehicle insurance coverage

You will need to purchase your utv insurance coverage separate from your auto or homeowners insurance. Do you take your off-road vehicle to the lake or desert?  You are no longer covered under your homeowner’s policy if you do.  That is why you are much better off purchasing a separate off-road insurance policy that will cover you on and off your property. Our team will go over all the insuring off-road insurance options we have and ensure that you receive the best coverage at the best rate.

Protect extras

If you personalize your off-road vehicle insurance, make sure to let your insurance agent know. Often times policies automatically include a limited amount of coverage for custom equipment. Depending on the custom equipment you put on your vehicle you may need to purchase additional coverage.

Take a safety course

Taking a safety course will teach you how to ride your vehicle.  Also, you can learn to unload it from your truck or trailer properly. An added bonus is, many UTV insurance companies will offer you a discount for having completed a safety course.

Insure all of your off-road vehicles together

If you have more than one off-road vehicle you should purchase one utv insurance policy and  insure them all together. This will help bring down the cost.

Stay on the road

If you like to travel with your off-road vehicle on a trailer to different spots then make sure that your policy includes reimbursement travel expenses if there is an accident or breakdown. Our agents will go over all of this when you contact us for you toy insurance quote.

A few additional things to consider is for atv vehicle insurance would be collision coverage. It will pay out for any damage to your off-road vehicle, whether you collide with another vehicle or something like a tree or fence. Bodily inquiry and property damage liability components cover you against costs you will have to pay to other people if you or off-road vehicles are responsible for the damage. As well as, comprehensive coverage will protect you for the costs associated with the loss or damage of your vehicle if it’s stolen or damaged by weather or a natural disaster.

To receive an insurance quote for an off-road vehicle like an ATV, 4-wheeler, dirt bike, dune buggies, golf carts, off-road motorcycles or any other off-road vehicle, please contact us. We will help make sure to get you the coverage you need specialized to you.

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