Manufacturing Insurance in Arizona

Manufacturing Insurance

When you’re running a manufacturing business of any type, you run the risk of employee injuries, liability lawsuits, property damage, and losses caused by equipment breakdowns and malfunctions.

Fortunately, when you have a business insurance policy that’s tailored specifically for your role inside the manufacturing industry, you can help your company avoid financial losses.

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Manufacturing Insurance throughout Arizona.

Businesses that are in the manufacturing industry encompasses a very broad range of markets, including:

     – Food Processing and Manufacturing
     – Mills
     – Box and Container Manufacturing
     – Animal Slaughtering and Meat Processing
     – Commercial and Retail Bakeries
     – Book Printing
     – Petroleum Refineries
     – Coffee and Tea Manufacturing
     – Petrochemical, Industrial Gas, and Chemical Manufacturing
     – Soft drink and Bottled Water Manufacturing 
     – Plastics, Resins, and Rubber Manufacturing
     – Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries
     – Fertilizer Manufacturing
     – Tobacco Manufacturing
     – Pharmaceutical, Medicinal, and Botanical Manufacturing
     – Fabric and Textile Mills
     – Iron, Steel, Aluminum and other Metal Foundries
     – Clothing Manufacturers
     – Metal Stamping
     – Shoes, Handbags, and other Leather Goods Manufacturing
     – Parts and Tools Manufacturing
     – Wood Preservation Companies
     – Vehicle and Boat Manufacturing
     – Wood Manufacturing Companies

What type of insurance does my manufacturing business need?

Product liability insurance:
This is a must when looking at manufacturing business insurance. If there is a problem with its design or production that causes damage or injury to others, your company could be sued for liability damages. This covers you against any lawsuits brought on my product malfunctions.

Inland Marine Insurance:
Inland marine insurance is designed to cover your product while it is in transit to the distribution centers.

Equipment breakdown coverage:
Equipment breakdown insurance covers any damage, repairs or even rental equipment in case manufacturing machinery or equipment breaks down.

Business income interruption insurance:
In the event like a tornado or fire happens and it forces you to temporarily stop production, business income interruption insurance will provide your company with continued income for up to 12 months or more while repairs and replacements are being made.

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