Home and Auto Insurance Bundle

Home and Auto Insurance Bundle

Below you will find everything you need to know about home and auto insurance.   For every auto and home insurance policy that is sold in the United States there are a lot of reasons why people chose the carriers they do.  In this article we will go over all of the reasons why people bundle home and auto insurance. 

Why do people bundle insurance?

One of the biggest reasons why people get home and auto insurance bundle quotes is because the usually save at least 15% by bundling.   When you are looking for the cheapest home and auto insurance bundling them together can be a big factor.  Many companies like Safeco Insurance, Travelers Insurance, State Farm, The Hartford and Progressive will give you home and auto insurance bundle comparisons.  We use a tool called EZlynx that will provide home and auto insurance quotes online and give you many insurance carriers to choose from. 

Another reason for the home auto insurance bundle is convenience.  In most cases you will receive one bill, one charge, and one policy folder.  When you are looking for home auto insurance quotes take this into account.  Shopping for home and car insurance has become very easy in the past few years. 

Finally, many insurance companies will provide better coverage for auto home insurance quotes when they are packaged together.  Sometimes the best auto and home insurance bundle are the ones that include a shrinking deductibles on the home insurance policy or extra coverage on the auto insurance.

Cheap home and auto insurance

When shopping for the best home and auto insurance bundles, think about a couple of things.

First of all, car and house insurance are something that almost everybody needs.  Most consumers have a home mortgage, and the bank will require that you protect their interest by having a home insurance policy.  Secondly, almost every state requires auto insurance with at least a minimum amount of liability.  Finally, if you have financed your automobile purchase the bank will want a car insurance policy in place.

Some people choose to buy online home and auto insurance quotes.  This can help you get a base price for what you think you might want to pay.  The best home and auto insurance bundles can be had by using an independent insurance agent to do the shopping for you.  For instance, an insurance company may give better discounts on your home for being newer and by packaging it with the car insurance. This can save additional money. We have found the best car and home insurance bundle by shopping multiple insurance companies and using the same limits and deductibles.  This is the true way to get an apples-to-apples comparison.

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