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We field a lot of phone calls and web inquiries from people that are trying to buy cheap auto insurance online.   They may be looking for cheap full coverage insurance or just discount car insurance rates.  You may not know is even though you are looking for cheap online auto insurance in the end you may not end up with the cheapest insurance quote.  How is that possible you ask?  In this post we will go through several key factors that may hurt you.  It may look like you are getting cheap insurance online but once you purchase the policy that cheap online insurance turns into one big expensive headache.  Here is how it happens.

How the cheapest car insurance quotes can turn EXPENSIVE

Insurance companies use several factors to come up with your best price car insurance.  These factors include your C.L.U.E. report.  A (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) report provides a history of your property insurance claims for homes, rentals and vehicles.   This report includes the date of loss, loss type and amount paid, along with general information such as policy number, claim number and insurance company name.  If this report is not ran at the time of the quote your quote might be artificially lower.  You think you are getting a cheap car insurance quote but maybe this quote is not factoring in the three speeding tickets you have received.  You can request a free report here. 

Another factor for getting a cheap online car insurance quote could be that you mistakenly put in the wrong zip code.  Insurance carriers use your zip code to determine part of your premiums.  Using a zip code that has low accidents and thefts will show cheap insurance for cars when in fact your correct zip code might be the complete opposite. 

Furthermore, you may forget to add your partner or child as a driver on the policy.   Doing this could result in your cheap auto insurance quote changing once you add the drivers.  If you forget to add similar coverage to the policy when you are trying to find the cheapest auto insurance companies, it may look like one of the best auto insurance quotes but in reality, it isn’t.   

How Do you find Cheap Car Insurance Online?

Find cheap insurance near me.  The best auto insurance quotes are the one that make the process easy.  Can you find cheap car insurance online?  Is it better to call a local agent to find cheap car insurance?  Those are all great questions.  At the end of the day to find auto insurance quotes cheap you need to do a little research to make sure the cheapest car insurance quote is the right quote for you. 



If you need help please give us a call at 623-463-9000 or find the cheapest car insurance online here.   

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