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Apartment insurance for landlords and investors is invaluable for protecting against legal, financial and natural disasters. The policies and coverage types available are wide and varied. Companies typically offer coverage based on individual needs. Commercial property insurance options commonly vary from state to state. A local insurance agency can provide landlords and investors with available options based on location and the specifics of the property.

Basic Coverage

Commercial property coverage is based on several factors, which include:

  • The location, age, size, and type of the building
  • The age of the roof and HVAC systems
  • The presence of appliances in the apartments
  • The presence of a clubhouse, fitness center, laundry room, swimming pool and other outdoor buildings
  • Indoor and outdoor furnishings
  • Updated fire and security protection systems

Basic coverage protects the dwelling, other buildings, and structures along with the insured contents in the event of a fire, a storm or damages from theft or vandalism.

Coverage Options

Commercial property owners might also consider opting for additional coverage beyond the basic apartment insurance for landlords and investors. These add-ons include:

  • Rental Income Loss-In the event one or more apartments suffer damage and cannot be inhabited, the protection pays the property owner for the loss of income.
  • Personal Liability-The coverage protects property owners in case a tenant or other person should suffer an injury while on the property.
  • Debris Removal-The coverage helps pay the clean-up expenses following covered property damage.
  • Emergency Property Removal-The option pays for emergency property removal.
  • Loss Repair Coverage-Pays the expenses for repairing property that suffered additional damage after the initial incident.
  • Fire Department Fees-The coverage provides a pre-determined service charge to cover the cost of fire department fees.
  • Landscape Coverage-In the event that lawns, plants, shrubbery, or trees suffer damage due to covered incidents, the additional protection pays for the loss.

Additional Coverage

Individuals seeking apartment insurance for landlords and investors typically focus on the main structures and contents. However, there are other aspects of the property and liability to consider protecting.

  • Loss assessments
  • Computers and other on-site office equipment
  • Personal effects
  • Off-site coverage
  • Transportation
  • Automatic indoor and landscape sprinkler systems
  • Wind damage incurred by landscape
  • Earthquake damages
  • Marina structures
  • Comprehensive personal liability
  • Construction risk or theft
  • Automatic coverage on newly constructed structures
  • Miscellaneous expenses
  • Wrongful eviction
  • Privacy invasion

first and foremost, property owners want to protect their investment. Adequate coverage ensures that landlords and investors have enough protection of pay for replacement costs.

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