Hot Shot Trucking Insurance

Hot Shot Trucking Insurance

Hot shot insurance is for trucking operations specializing in the expedited transport of cargo. It is also called expediter’s insurance. Loads are hard to find, but when they get booked they usually require you to work hard and run fast to meet the schedule. The reward is that this type of work has a higher pay rate and premium rates than other types of trucking jobs. Professional Insurance Strategies provides hot shot insurance that was specially designed for this type of operation.

Hotshot Trucking Insurance Cost

Professional Insurance Strategies hot shot trucking insurance provides a safety net for your hot shot trucking business. Hot shot expediting is not a very high risk business, but you never know when a hot shot load could be a hot mess. If something goes wrong, how will you pay the expenses that occur as a result of the accident?

If you are in a hot shot trucking business, you may want to buy insurance for your vehicle. You might get fined by the government if you hurt someone or damage something. For more information, please contact us at Professional Insurance Strategies. We will find the best insurance for you and your company!  Also find the best hot shot trucking insurance companies.

Types of Hot Shot Coverage

Hot shot insurance is made up of several types. You can buy coverage for your cargo if it gets damaged or destroyed. It also protects your cargo from things like theft and accidents. This policy does not cover regular daily wear and tear, though. It is important to know the hot shot trucking insurance requirements for your state.

Collision insurance covers your car if it crashes into something. It will protect you from collisions with other cars, trees, poles, and stationary objects.

Drivers must also carry insurance that pays for any passengers in the car. If someone gets hurt, their family can sue. Collision insurance pays for repairs after an accident. It does not cover wear and tear or damage caused by items on the road like glass, nails, potholes, or rocks. As hot shots travel all over North America, Professional Insurance Strategies offers coverage for expenses related to towing and storage of damaged equipment if drivers are involved in an accident.

What can happen without the correct insurance?

A ramp is a large piece of metal that connects to the truck. Chains go through holes in the roof of the truck. Ramps are used to get cargo into trucks, or if there is not ramp, then people use their own trucks for ramps. Insurance helps protect expensive equipment from wear and tear when it is overloaded or mishandled.

Truckers also need hot shot insurance for things like accidents on the job site. This type of hot shot insurance can cover cargo that was dropped or fell off a trailer. It can also pay for any environmental damage that occurs during loading or unloading operations.

Riders include protection for hot shots transmitting data over their cell phones while operating a commercial vehicle.   In some states it is illegal to do so without an additional hotshot cell phone hot shot insurance policy.

Next steps for Hot Shots

Worried hot shot truckers can get hotshot insurance quotes from any number of hotshot trucking insurance providers. Insurance providers such as Professional Insurance Strategies offer hotshot trucking insurance to hot shots traveling all over the United States.

When hot shot carriers buy hotshot policies, they can save on their rates by submitting a hot shot safe driving record and completing a pre-employment drug and alcohol test.

Professional Insurance Strategies understands how important it is to have the right kind of insurance for your hotshot business. They offer competitive rates for both personal and commercial hotshot policies that can cover you in any state, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam & Canada (except Quebec). They also provide international coverage. Get a quote from them today!

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