Cyber Security Insurance Small Business

Cyber Security Insurance for Small Business

Cyber security insurance for small business is something that all owners should look at getting.  We will explore why you need a cyber insurance policy. A cyber liability insurance policy covers your computer from being hacked. If it is hacked, the first party pays for notification to victims, credit monitoring services for victims, and other first party expenses depending on what plan you have purchased.

“Third Party Coverage for a Customer’s Losses Caused by a Cyber Claim Against Your Business” is something that can cover your company in case someone’s information is compromised. If they have their money taken or their identity stolen, they might sue you. But if you have this coverage, it can protect your company. You may not need this insurance if the customer willingly shared their information with you.

Do I need Cyber Liability Insurance Policy?

– Data Breach Expenses: Money spent by a company investigating if their security has been breached and what was accessed. The insurance might pay for these expenses if the business did not follow the recommendations after one data breach.

Cyber extortion coverage protects you if someone tries to steal your information with a ransomware attack. If they want money, then you can pay them and they will unlock your files later. Most ransomware is just a scam though and does not actually unlock the files like it says it will. Some cyber extortion attacks work. You can lose your files forever unless you pay the cyber criminal.

Why Cyber Insurance can Protect your Business?-

 Cyber Business Interruption Coverage offers financial protection if your company is identified as a victim of a data breach and can demonstrate that your losses are the direct result of being locked out of your data systems. This type of package may result in reimbursement for key-person life insurance, loss of business income and extra expenses due to identity theft.

Other features in a cyber liability insurance policy may include:

Regulatory Defense Cost Reimbursement covers the expenses you may have when you are investigating a security breach. It can also cover expenses for attorneys and consultants if they are needed to respond to regulatory inquiries.

If someone steals your identity, you can get money to pay for things like investigating the cause of the security breach and getting credit monitoring. If you choose not to provide credit monitoring service, your cyber liability insurance policy will help pay for it on a prorated basis.

In a data breach, it is important to tell your customers and partners when they might have been affected. If you know when customer information was exposed, then you should notify them within 30 days. This will help rebuild trust from your industry and from customers.

The need for Data Breach Insurance

When you think something has happened or is happening to your data, you should call your cyber liability insurance company. They will investigate what happened and tell people if their information was hacked. They can also stop any bad things that happen to the data, like deleting it.

When you think about cyber liability insurance coverage for your business, it is important to remember that many policies come with limits on reimbursement for expenses related to regulatory defense, cyber extortion response and notification expenses.

You must buy coverage that is big enough to protect your business from theft or loss of important data. Your company may need a policy with different types of insurance coverages, such as commercial crime coverage if you have a state requirement, or employment practices liability coverage if you do background checks on employees.

If you have any questions about cyber security insurance policies for your small business, contact the local branch of the agent. They can help you understand how much protection is available under the different policy options offered by most carriers.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Small businesses are 2x more likely to have a cybersecurity breach than larger firms. A survey by Beazley says that small businesses are more likely to have had a cybersecurity breach in the past year.

The UK government asked the FBI to investigate over 150 cases of cyber crime in 2017. It is estimated that there are as many as 70 million cyber attacks every day. The cost of a data breach can be $400-$700 per record according to IBM Security Services.

A company needs to have cyber liability insurance before it is attacked. It can happen to a big company or a small one, but it’s best not to take the risk.

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