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General Contractors insurance AZ

First of all, everyone can use some tips for saving on their general contractors insurance.  Also, if you carry general contractors insurance, it is likely that you are spending too much on your premiums. Likewise, construction projects carry a more diverse range of risks and there are more reasons .

Next, the Small Business Administration says that construction business is more likely to be responsible for general contractors insurance in addition to property and vehicle insurance for each site and job. Also, a great way to save money on general liability insurance is to bundle other policies.  Clearly, contact us today and we will look into bundling your general contractor’s insurance with other types of insurance you need for small business.

Also, theft can be a huge problem on construction sites.  Additionally, if materials or equipment get stolen you need contractors equipment insurance. At this point, you may have harmed your relationship with your client because now the job is held up longer.  Additionally, while having to replace the materials that were stolen, your insurance premiums may increase.

Also, in the construction industry it is common for job sites to follow poor theft-preventative measures. In addition, if you take measures to lessen your risk the carriers will offer better liability insurance rates.  Also, if your rate doesn’t decrease, at least you decrease the chances of  construction site theft.

Things to help keep your jobsite secure

     – Have different keys for each piece of equipment
     – Have a strict lockdown protocol for your team to follow
     – Ensure that all construction buildings are locked at all times
     – You could add a sturdy fence to your job site to maintain limited access points for others to walk or drive into
     – Keep records of all items that come and go on the job site

Also, you can also improve safety requirements on your job sites which can save hundreds of dollars on your general contractors insurance. In addition, improving your safety will save on medical costs.

For instance, requiring modern and updated scaffolding for all your contractors on your job site will help improve safety. Also, making safety top priority will help you save on your general contractor’s insurance premiums. Contact us today to become insured and we will make sure you are not over spending more than you should be for your contractors insurance.

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