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When it comes to Workers Comp Insurance we work with businesses of all sizes and payrolls. Our Workers Compensation Insurance carriers can help with

coverage in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.

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Are you paying more than your fair share of the

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION tax on your business?

THE PROBLEM: You are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

    • It is estimated that at least 52% of the premiums charged are incorrect.
    • Now the Federal Government has made terrorism coverage mandatory – more $$$.
    • If your annual premium exceeds $7,000, you are automatically subject to a “Mod Factor”


  • Many laws affect the outcome of a workers’ compensation issue – OSHA, HIPPA (privacy), FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and various other employment laws with more to come in 2006.
  • Changes in the Arizona Workers’ Compensation law must be implemented in the workplace to become effective.


THE CONCLUSION: Workers Compensation is another form of mandatory business taxation.

  • Do you tackle State and Federal income tax issues without a Certified Advisor?
  • When you are audited by the State or Federal (IRA) taxing authorities, do you do so without a Certified Advisor?
  • Are you sure your insurance company/agent regularly audits your claims activity so you get the best possible “Mod Factor”?
  • Do you often wish you had instant access to Human Resource and legal advisers to minimize your exposure to “Lawsuit Hell”1


THE SOLUTION: Take control of Workers’ Compensation.

  • Make the best of the situation – DO NOT LET THE SYSTEM OVERCHARGE YOU.
  • Professional Insurance Strategies, LLC. will put you in the driver’s seat. We are Certified Workers’ Compensation Advisors– one of only 180 agencies in the country.
  • Hire an expert. Our Certified Work Comp Advisors have completed a rigorous program through the Institute of Work Comp Advisors.
  • Comp Check corrects insurance company mistakes and overcharges in order to minimize the workers’ compensation “tax”.
  • ‘HR That Works’®virtually eliminates your people problems, improves productivity and keeps you out of “Lawsuit Hell”1.


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