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Some trucking companies with a history of poor losses might be required to find insurance through the assigned risk trucker pool.

Employers are required to obtain certain types of coverage for their employees, and self-employed individuals may also be subject to similar requirements. If your business has any work vehicles that you or your employees use, you will be required to obtain automotive coverage with limits established by the state. In some cases, the individual driver, or the entire group of drivers in the business will not qualify for coverage. In a business environment, this is often since the business participates in a high-risk activity. For example, drivers may be placed in the Arizona assigned risk trucker pool when the company hauls hazardous materials. The drivers may also be placed in the pool when they have too many moving violations or accidents.

What is the Trucker Pool?

When truckers are not able to obtain private coverage, they are placed in the Arizona assigned risk trucker pool. Essentially, the state will assign a provider to provide insurance to these drivers so that they meet the requirements for coverage. It should be noted that the rates offered through the pool are generally higher than those that would be available through private insurance. Because of this, many self-employed individuals who have been assigned to this pool as well as many business owners with employees in this pool are trying to find a way to get out of the pool and to find coverage with a private insurer.

How to Overcome the Challenges

Before you can learn how you can get out of the Arizona assigned risk trucker pool, you must determine why you or your employees have been placed in this pool. If the challenge relates to the type of activity that your business does, it may not be possible to find private insurance coverage unless you adjust your business activities. If placement into the pool relates to the driving records of the individuals, steps should be taken to improve their driving history. Moving violations, accidents and other blemishes on a driving record will be removed over time, so the driver simply must drive more safely and to avoid any violations or accidents. As the driver’s record improves, he or she may qualify for private insurance.
The Arizona assigned risk trucker pool is beneficial because it provides those who are unable to obtain required coverage on their own with a means to do so. However, it is more expensive than private insurance. Therefore, those who have been placed in the pool may consider learning more about what steps they will need to take to get out of the pool and to save money on their required coverage.


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