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High Net Worth Investments

It can be hard to tell if you have the right level of insurance to protect your property and family. But, you don’t need to worry – we’re here to help. We offer a range of protection services for high net worth insurance that will keep your basic needs covered and more!

 One of the worries of the wealthy is whether they have enough insurance to protect their property. For high net worth insurance individuals looking for insurance in Arizona, there are many issues that need attention.

Types of Insurance Available for Wealthier Clients

Arizona has a high number of citizens who have a higher net worth. Many individuals with high net worth and property choose Arizona as a place to retire.   What this means for insurers in Arizona, however, is that their client’s have special home and auto insurance needs.  

Life Insurance for Wealthy Clients

High net worth individuals looking for insurance in Arizona should consider having their life insurance policy reviewed. As life and one’s net worth change, it’s important to check the policy so that it protect one’s family, lifestyle, and assets. A solid policy can also help to offset payments on estate taxes.  This may be a serious issue for high net worth insurance individuals looking for insurance in Arizona. An individualized approach can be done with guidance from an insurance agent who specializes in financial management.

Priorities to Consider for Higher Wealth Individuals

Many wealthy individuals in Arizona and elsewhere are putting more and more of their money into tangible assets.  For instance, they purchase items like jewelry, art, and collectible pieces.  Of course, these items can hold their value even as the financial markets become volatile.  When purchasing these assets, however, you must be document and protect them with the right type of insurance for the owner to capitalize on their value.

In Arizona finding an insurer with experience in wealth management and protecting tangible assets is a smart idea. A good insurance agent in Arizona will know that to protect a tangible asset.  Likewise, its value and authenticity must be documented by a reputable appraiser.  Also, these assets must be appraised on an ongoing basis, too, as markets change. This type of documentation will also protect a wealthy owner from fraud and from unforeseen taxes.  Then these pieces can be handed down to other generations.
Having great wealth in Arizona does bring with it certain responsibilities. What really matters is that high net worth individuals looking for insurance in Arizona take the time to do research. Finding an insurance expert to guide you and will protect your assets for your familiy is key.

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