General Liability Insurance in Arizona

General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance is designed to cover the bodily injury and property damage liability exposures related to operating a commercial venture. One of our agents can assist you in finding the correct coverage for your company.

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General liability insurance throughout Arizona.

No matter the size and nature of your business, there are always uncertainties. Our team will work with you to determine your business risks and we’ll put together an insurance package that makes sense for your business.

What is General Liability

First of all, commercial general liability (CGL) insurance covers the bodily injury and property damage liability exposures related to operating a commercial venture.  For instance, the basic areas covered by the general liability policy include the insured’s ownership or use of the premises.  Also, the policy covers the insured’s ongoing operations that are on and off the premises.  Next, the policy covers products manufactured, sold, or distributed by the insured.  Also, the liability policy covers completed operations of the insured.  Lastly, it covers personal and advertising injury liability of the insured and medical payments coverage.  Lastly, general liability covers liability assumed by the insured under certain types of contracts. More importantly, all coverages are subject to policy definitions, exclusions and limitations.

Furthermore, the basic commercial general liability policy coverage form can be customized and tailored to a specific business.  For instance, there are a multitude of optional forms and endorsements that broaden, delete, or restrict the contract’s core coverages.  Obviously, this is done to form a contract specifically designed for the individual insured.

Claims Made and Occurrence Based Policies

Next, two policy programs are available. First is the “occurrence-based” coverage form that provides protection for covered losses when the actual injury happens.  Moreover, this claim must be presented during the covered policy period.   Also, the key to coverage is the date on which the covered loss or injury happens.

Secondly, is the “claims-made” coverage form. In these forms, coverage is triggered by the actual filing date or receipt of the claim.  Furthermore, this is the date or time in which the loss or injury happened.  Moreover, any covered loss or claim filed within the policy period is handled by that policy.  This is regardless of when the actual loss or injury happened.  Furthermore, this policy is subject to the retroactive date.  

Also, it is very important to note the retroactive date on the declarations page. Furthermore, the retroactive date can be the policy inception date or any date prior to it. However, for complete protection, it should be the date on which claims-made coverage first began. This is because prior to that date any loss or injury was covered by an occurrence policy. Moreover, only losses or injuries that occur after the retroactive date will be considered by the carrier of a claims-made policy.

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