Wrap Up / Owner Controlled Insurance Policies, AZ , NM, NV

General Liability for new apartments and condominiums construction projects:

Construction projects for apartments, condominiums, and some other large scale projects are complex endeavors. These projects involve many different entities and trades. Many times the best policy for these types of risks is a Wrap Up policy or Owner Controlled Insurance Policy:

Cradle to Grave Coverage
Wrap-up policy is extended to cover the entire completed
operations period up to the applicable statute of limitation(s) so
that there is insurance coverage now and going forward
Eliminates Contractor mark-up
On insurance pass-through costs through insurance credits.
often contractor credits can be significant in funding the wrap
Less Litigation
No need to allocate blame since all participants are on the
same policy.
Broader Coverage
That meets prescribed standards and provides uniform
insurance protection; higher limits can be purchased due to a
larger volume of insurance.

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