Workers Compensation Claims Issues in Arizona

Workers’ Compensation in Arizona provides critical benefits to people who are injured or disabled while working. An injury can lead to a partial or full disability that is temporary or permanent. Despite the law that lays out details like the time limits on filing claims and caps on benefits, a variety of work comp claims issues can arise, like miscalculated benefits or denied claims that must be appealed.

No-Fault Workers’ Compensation System

Arizona has a no-fault workers’ compensation system that allows injured workers to receive benefits no matter how the work-related injury or disability was incurred. That makes it sound as if receiving compensation and benefits is a straight-forward process. Unfortunately, it can be a very complicated process, from obtaining claims approvals to appealing denials.

Arizona employees who are approved for claims may be eligible for:

• Payment of a portion of lost wages
• Medical care reimbursement
• Supportive care
• Job retraining

Work comp claims issues can involve something as simple as requesting a change of physician or as complicated as an employee believing unfair claims processing practices are in play. The Claims Division of the Industrial Commission of Arizona says it makes more than 30,000 workers’ compensation claims determinations each year. The odds of a mistake being made or a claim being slow walked through the system are high.

Many Possible Claims Issues

There are many reasons that work comp claims issues develop. They include but are not limited to:

• Employer claims the injuries were caused by disobeying reasonable workplace rules and the employee disagrees
• An injury proves over time that it caused more severe medical problems than previously determined so the claim needs reopening
• A claim is denied because case reviewers decided it was a mental injury only, or some portion of an approved claim is not paid due to a mental health component
• Claimant gets an unfavorable decision from an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who has reviewed a denied claim per appeal
• Benefits end before the employee is physically ready to return to work
• A condition due to a workplace incident develops over a period of time, making it more difficult to prove cause-and-effect, i.e. exposure to a chemical
• Disagreement over what should be included in the employee’s earnings amount used for determining the value of the claim
• Questions as to whether the employee was really traveling to a jobsite when an accident occurred
• Employee’s chosen physician does not agree with the physician the employer required the employee to see for the first medical examination
• Insurance company requires an Independent Medical Examination (IME) that appears to be for the purpose of limiting benefit amounts

This is just a short list of the types of work comp claims issues that an employee may experience.

Get Legal Help to Settle Issues

Thousands of work comp claims issues in Arizona lead to the need to consult with an attorney. When temporarily injured or permanently disabled, it is stressful to have to deal with the workers’ compensation claims process. This is especially true when the state or employer creates a risk of being unable to continue paying bills or support a family. For people who are injured on the job, consulting an attorney can mean getting the full benefits allowed by law.

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Cost Of Contractors Liability Insurance Phoenix Az

Cost Of Contractors Liability Insurance Phoenix Az

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The cost of contractors liability insurance Phoenix AZ will be determined by a range of factors, but it is critical for every company and project to have proper and quality protection. Having such not only safeguards you financially, it also earns your business top quality talent and clients that appreciate the safety and comfort liability insurance provides.

What Contractor Needs Liability Insurance?

You all do. As a contractor, the cost of contractors liability insurance Phoenix AZ will prepare you for the worst. There are contractors that work directly with government agencies or specific businesses. Their employers may be responsible for liability insurance. Most contractors, though, contract their services to third parties. Whether these are businesses or individuals, these contractors are required to have sufficient insurance to operate.

It doesn’t matter if your business is general, artisan or subcontractor, an accident can ruin your reputation and, in many cases, destroy the business. There are specific policies for the mason, electrician, plumber, roofer, framer or tiler. The cost of contractors liability insurance Phoenix AZ will be impacted by the types of equipment and machinery on site, type of project, number of employees and location. There can be discounts or other incentives if safety standards and precautions are in place, and if employees have been trained, but there is no getting around adequate coverage.

The smart contractor wants liability insurance.

What is the Cost of Contractors Liability Insurance Phoenix AZ?

Regardless of the cost of liability insurance, the moment you find yourself needing it, the policy becomes invaluable. Consider the repercussions if you didn’t have coverage. An accident that’s not your fault could have a dynamic impact on your business. Imagine a distracted driver watching your crane and absently hitting one of your employees. An electrician falls off a scaffold and is seriously injured. Your machinery creates unintentional damage to someone’s residence. Without coverage, you end up carrying any and all expenses related to the incident. You could land on the defendant’s side of a legal dispute. Word gets out your business is in trouble, making it difficult to get new projects and clients.

Those are the costs to consider.


If you’re looking at the cost of contractors liability insurance Phoenix AZ, do not look solely at dollars coming out of your budget. Look at what you need to safely manage your operations, protect anyone and everyone who could potentially be hurt and how you want your reputation to be viewed.

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Contractor Insurance, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico

Although each state’s liability coverage varies, most contractor companies doing business out of Arizona require proof of some form of general liability insurance before solidifying any agreement or contract. A smart business owner is an informed one. Contacting a knowledgeable agent who specializes in AZ insurance guidelines provides a thorough understanding of the many options available while simultaneously customizing your contractor’s insurance coverage based on your organizations particular requirements.

Accidents, damages, interruptions, delays and losses are part of operating any type of construction business, i.e. electrical, plumbing, heating/air conditioning. Choosing the right coverage provides the business owner optimal damage control and sound protection, should a problem arise.

Types of Contractors Insurance:

Income Insurance: Should a covered loss or delay occur to a business service or project, business income insurance provides a way for paying expenses i.e. payroll, rent or mortgage, taxes, relocation fees.

Contractor Vehicle Insurance: Coverage for commercial auto’s i.e. vans, box trucks, utility vehicles and trailers as well as the employees operating them.

Equipment Insurance: Coverage for damaged equipment such as excavators or cranes due to machinery malfunctions, mechanical or operator error, electrical surges.

Business Property – Indoor/Outdoor Insurance: This plan covers damage to rented or owned business property as well as anything housed within the business property, i.e. inventory, building materials. Business property insurance safeguards against catastrophes such as water damage or fire to indoor/outdoor property.

Commercial Property/Liability: This plan provides coverage should an employee cause damage to a client’s property, bodily injury to others or employee injuries.

A licensed insurance agent in AZ can explain and guide you through each policy, providing a further breakdown of specifications for each coverage option, keeping in mind any state or county laws, safety regulations or construction guidelines that need to be observed i.e., obtaining licenses, bond requirements. Purchasing contractors insurance not only reduces the risk to your business operation, employees and clientele exist in a safe and secure work environment. Many AZ based insurance companies include preparedness plans at no additional costs to the purchaser. Taking advantage of these free plans allows AZ construction businesses a well-organized preparedness plan against disasters as well as recovery and relief guideline suggestions.

Choosing specialized contractors insurance serves as the most important investment to your business and personal stability. Optimal safeguards build a solid bridge to your financial future and lower operating expenses while providing priceless peace of mind.

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Explanation of Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy, also known as Workman’ Comp, is a state-mandated insurance policy that provides work compensation to employees who suffer job-related illnesses and injuries. While the Federal Govt. administers a Workers’ compensation program for federal and certain other types of employees, each state in U.S has its own programs and laws for workers’ compensation policy. For up-to-date information on Workers’ compensation in your state, contact with state’s workers’ compensation office.

In short, an employee with a work-related injury or illness can get workers’ compensation benefits regardless of who was at fault — the employer, the employee, a customer, a co worker, or some other third party. In exchange for these sure benefits, employees usually do not have the right to lawsuit the employer in court for damages for those injuries.

There are two reasons an employer has to carry worker’s compensation insurance policy coverage:

  • The 1st  is to insure workers that are hurt during working hours will be taken care of financially. Worker’s compensation insurance policy will pay the medical expenses and a portion of their wages while recovering from the injury period.
  • The 2nd reason is to protect the employer from being lawsuit by the injured employee.  It is important to have understanding of worker’s compensation terms and conditions in your state as requirements and coverage differs in every state wise.

We have preferred Workers Compensation Insurance Programs for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Get your Workers’ Compensation Quotes

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