Health Insurance vs Public Health System

Health insurance offers you a bulk of benefits you wouldn’t be able to access in the Public Health System. Now the points are-

  • People doesn’t have more control over when he/she will be treated.

  • In this system services not covered by Medicine, ambulance, in addition to a number of non-hospital services E.G. Dental,chiropractic, optical, physiotherapy, dietary advice and some alternative therapies.

It’s important to recollect that even as a patient who is privately covered, he/she may expect some out-of-pocket costs. Unfortunately, your health insurance can’t cover everything related to your approach. To cover all aspects of a approach would further increase the cost of private health insurance premium.

To help reduce your out of pocket expenses, we’ve developed some information to help you make fully informed decisions about your treatment. All public Hospital packages explain everything you need to know about insurance and offers helpful questions to ask your specialist about your treatment.

If you choose to be treated as a public patient in a private or public hospital, you wouldn’t have any out-of-pocket expenses, but there are some drawbacks:

  • You may not have a  better choice over which facility your procedure is performed in health insurance

  • The date on which your  approach is done is determined by the public hospital, not by you. You’ll be placed on a waiting place according to the severity of your condition. So, you could be waiting months or even years to have your procedure done.

  • If your approach requires you to spend some time in public hospital, chances are you’ll be in a shared ward with other patients, rather than your own luxury room.

The Importance of Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance policy is necessary to meet those unpredictable moments in any human life. It is especially needed for our children and our old aged parents. With the right insurance policies you can ensure that your children will get the desired treatments like immunization for no cost. Ignorance of such things may cost long term illness and diseases which in-turn increases the cost.

Statistics shows that 46 million people in the United States, lack health care benefits either because their employer does not offer it or employees cannot afford policy expenses. This is a major problem because when uninsured, you receive less medical treatment or care and these seem to be the people that experience the worse health problems in present and future. Although health insurance sounds more expensive, but it can cause a bigger burden, if you do not have health insurance when serious injuries occur.

Investing in health insurance means investing in your quality of life style. Having health insurance can pay for preventive and proper treatments to treating unpredictable illnesses. Think of how car insurance is required in each state. Frankly speaking in some cases it is a rip off (the excessive premiums) but it is an investment because somehow it covers your assets. If someone dashes your vehicle or you wreck it, you can’t claim a brand new one right away. The same goes for health insurance policy. Do your proper research, figure it out what is best for you and your family and make wise decisions. Nothing stays the same forever in your life so if you are good and healthy now that does not mean something will not go wrong in future. So you need to get health cover today.  Health Preventive care helps a lot and it may prolong the need for health insurance but there is nothing better than knowing you are fully protected.

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General Liability Insurance for Contractors-Phoenix, AZ

As insurance companies change policies to exclude coverage contractors need the most, it is important to have an advocate in your corner.  Whether you are a general contractor, plumber, hvac contractor, framing contractor, landscaper or another type of contractor, it is important to work with a team that understands the coverage you need.  A perfect example would be a plumber having a policy that doesn’t exclude XCU.  Drop us a line and we can talk about coverage your contracting business needs.

Gary Hanson

Professional Insurance Strategies, LLC

Phoenix, AZ
3519 E. Shea Blvd. Suite 120
Phoenix, AZ 85028

Glendale, AZ
6708 W. Bethany Home Rd.
Glendale, AZ 85301

Are Your Policies protecting you from all Insurance needs

Having good insurance policies in place can remove some blows from unexpected events, otherwise mean financial catastrophe for you and your close one. If you’re like common people, you may not fully or partially understand all the policies you have, let alone whether they’re adequate to match your insurance needs.

Here are some points to help you assess your current coverage and decide whether you need to make any necessary changes or not.

Home Insurance Risk

Homeowners insurance may protect you financially in the event any natural disasters to household mishaps. But as millions of homeowners in U.S.A affected by Hurricane Sandy found out the very hard way, standard homeowners insurance doesn’t protect your home against every type of danger.

One of the most common mistakes buyers make about home insurance is thinking that it covers flood damage and all natural calamities, but normal policies specifically exclude flood damage from their coverage. To get this special benefit, you have to obtain additional insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program. Similarly, in earthquake-prone zones, you may need to get special coverage added to your policy, or otherwise it won’t necessarily cover damage from an earthquake.

A Matter of Life and Death

The purpose we need life insurance is something no one likes to think about it, but a policy can be invaluable in providing for your dependent if something wrong happens to you. Even if you already have sufficient coverage, though, doing an annual or semi-annual insurance checkup can lead to cost savings.

Over the years, cost of term life insurance policies has generally down. So for instance, if you purchased a 20-year term life policy 10 years ago, you may find that expenses have fallen enough that obtaining a new 10-year policy and it could actually be cheaper than continuing to pay your existing policy coverage.

The major point where people make insurance cover adjustments is in how much coverage to they have. People events like getting married or having a children or more than can boost your insurance coverage’s, so concern to your insurance agent about whether your current policies provide you enough benefits to overcome all the financial burden or may your family would face if something wrong happened to you.

Taking a Healthy Benefit

One more important area is health insurance where a review makes sense. Many people pay for expensive medical insurance plans even when they never ever use the vast majority of the benefits they provide in between policy period. By looking at your medical expenses now, you’ll be one hundred percent ready in the next time open enrollment and make smart decisions about your regular health insurance choices

What Are Your Cars Worth?

Auto insurance is expensive, but it’s important to protect you from costly liability and injury in a major or minor accident. Still, you can produce substantial savings by making regular compromise to your coverage.

One of the easiest and normal ways to save big comes from dropping collision and comprehensive policy coverage from your policy. Typically, when you have a brand new car, having collision and comprehensive coverage is smart to protect you from a major loss terms of money. Yet as your vehicle ages in long run, the value of collision and comprehensive coverage goes downwards. Giving that coverage up once your vehicle’s value drops below a certain point will produce noticeable monthly savings that you can use toward other savings goals.