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As the United States population ages in the years ahead, the need for home health care will continue to rise. Because of this, more and more people are looking to open home health care agencies in an effort to help those who will need help while staying at home. However, before opening a home health care agency, it’s important to know the various types of home health care insurance coverage in AZ, NV, NM and CA.

General Liability Insurance
To ensure you and your employees are covered in the event a claim is made against your agency, general liability insurance is a must-have. In many cases, states will have a minimum amount of coverage an agency must carry, so be sure to check with an insurance agent who specializes in home health care insurance coverage in AZ, NV, NM and CA. For most standard policies, an adequate amount of coverage is $1 million.

Automobile Coverage
Since you and your employees will be traveling to your client’s homes on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to have automobile coverage that will protect you and your employees in the event of an accident or when transporting a patient to and from a doctor’s office. In most policies where various types of coverage are packaged, both non-owned and hired car liability coverage can be included.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage
Since employees of your home health care agency will be inside a client’s home, there is always the possibility that they will be accused of stealing money or other items from the client’s home. If this happens, having employee dishonesty coverage as part of your home health care insurance coverage in AZ, NV, NM and CA can be extremely important in protecting your agency from a significant claim that may be filed by a client.

Abuse and Molestation Coverage
Unfortunately, there may be an occasion where serious accusations of abuse or molestation may be leveled against one of your employees. Needless to say, these can be extremely serious allegations, and could ultimately result in the closing of your business. However, by having abuse and molestation coverage as part of your overall general liability insurance, your business will be able to survive these serious incidents.

By taking all of the above-mentioned types of insurance coverage into consideration prior to starting your home health care agency, you and your employees can be assured of having the protection you need.

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