Arizona General Contractor Required Liability Insurance

All the safety measures in the world won’t negate the need for Arizona general contractor required liability insurance.

By the very nature of their work, a contractor cannot function without protection. It not only shields the company in the unfortunate event of an accident or other unforeseen circumstance, it helps employees, clients and customers feel safer working with you. They appreciate the idea that in case of property damage or injury, you are prepared.

Safeguarding Your Business with Arizona General Contractor Required Liability Insurance

A contractor’s site can have any number of electricians, plumbers, carpenters and other professionals. There can be heavy equipment, power tools, complex construction structures and materials, as well as any number of pedestrians who may not adhere to safety measures. Accidents occur, regardless of what we do to prevent them. A slip and fall, faulty equipment, fallen debris, all potential hazards no matter how conscientious the contractor and his operators are.

Arizona general contractor required liability insurance is the best way to protect the business’ future. Without it, many a business owner has seen not just financial ruin, but their future prospects hindered by the damage to their reputation.

Types of Arizona General Contractor Required Liability Insurance

Proper insurance minimizes risk. But not having the right type can hurt.

General liability- covers a range of claims. A major one is accusations of negligence on the part of the company or a staff member. It is not uncommon. A piece of equipment hits a parked automobile. Someone falls on-site because an employee stretched a cord across a path. General liability coverage defends the company against accusations, the suit, and any costs agreed upon or implemented by the court.

Builder’s risk insurance- covers any contractor’s loss. Contractors enter into projects that may become victim of natural disaster, fires, vandalism and more. Though no fault of their own, this loss can fall on the general contractor’s shoulders. Builder’s risk insurance covers this possibility.

There is also a unique package for covering any equipment and material on-site. This is not uncommon as relocating certain tools and heavy equipment can be counterproductive. The Contractor’s Tool Floater-protects equipment when it’s not at the primary address in case of theft, fire or other unforeseen incident.

Arizona general contractor required liability insurance is engineered to respond when unexpected occurrences threaten a contractor’s operations and reputation. The expense will more than cover the impact a catastrophic effect can have on the company.

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